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Body Works
Swedish Massage: This traditional massage uses light to medium pressure to inspire relaxation, relieve tension, increase circulation, and create a heightened sense of well being.
Full Body $70   Half Body $40

Deep Tissue: This massage uses a variety of techniques to deeply manipulate muscles and connective tissue. It helps ease sore and tight muscles, enhance circulation, and detoxify.
Full Body $80    Half Body $45

Pre Natal Massage: A special full-body massage designed to promote the health, circulation, and well-being of expectant mothers (Please consult with your doctor to ensure this service is appropriate for you. Not recommended for women in their first trimester). Full Body $70

Couples Massage: A retreat for two. $140

Hot Stone Massage: A technique integrating warm stones and intense massage. Relieve stressed muscles and create a positive energy flow, re-energizing and rebalancing the body’s physical and emotional wellbeing. $110

Reiki: Revitalizing the life force Energy of the Body. $65

Aromatherapy: Amplify your massage experience with a custom blend of essential oils to your specific needs. Add $5

Ear Candling: Great for sinus sufferers. Herbal infused hollowed out candles are placed at the opening of the ear canal. The candle is then lit and begins to gently smolder; this creates suction that draws out all ear debris and impurities gently relieves congestion/sinus pressure. $45
Air brush Tan: This healthy alternative to UV rays leaves you with a natural looking tan to compliment your natural skin tone. $40 and up

Reflexology: The ancient practice of working pressure points in the hands and feet. $45

Seaweed Wrap: Perfect choice for cellulite reduction and complete relaxation. The seaweed, rich in nutrients, will be absorbed into the skin and help cleanse, tone, and hydrate, while drawing out impurities. $95

Salt Glow: Sea salt is blended with essential oils and then applied with light circular motions. This treatment is therapeutic by nature and works to relieve tension in the muscles leaving your skin with a soft glowing finish. $65

Sugar Scrub: This gentle body exfoliation and Essential oils create a nourishing treatment, leaving your skin hydrated and silky smooth. $65

Strip Waxing
Jaw Line
Half Arm
Full Arm
Half Leg
Full Leg
Happy Trail

$20 & up
$30 & up
$50 & up
$30 & up
$35& up
$45& up
$65& up
$40 & up
$12 & up

*Prices subject to change without notice.